Too Much.

For a small business, you don’t need google to tell you that you need a lot more sales before you can justify the cost of a full-time web designer. But if you had an in-house web designer who could take your site to the next level and bring in more sales through the web site maybe you afford another employee. It’s a classic catch-22. Plus, what would you tell the web designer to do? How would you manage her or him? You’d need to hire a marketing director just to keep your web designer busy. That’s a lot to bite off!

But what if you could add someone to your team who has the experience of a marketing director with the abilities of a web designer for less than the cost of a part time employee? That’s exactly where JSRing Studio fits into your needs and your budget. How, exactly, would JSRing Studio solve your problem?

Do an assessment.

To start we would meet with you and your stakeholdersĀ  and learn about your hopes, dreams and barriers of your business. After taking in everything we can from you and your team we will complete a discovery analysis of the information and develop a Product/Value model (e.g., luxury watches are marketed very differently than off-brand beans) of your business, and a profile of your ideal audience. Finally we would compare that against the competitors that are most likely getting the business from your ideal audience because of their online efforts.

Come up with a Strategy.

Once we have a reasonable assessment of the challenges your business faces we can look at some of the strategies that have been tried and tested with positive results. We’ll also come up with some creative thoughts of our own that are specific to your local market. We will formulate a solid strategy that aligns with your values to reach your goals.

Make a plan of action.

Once we have a solid strategy we will be able to know which of the endless list of traditional and digital marketing tactics are in your best interest. Not all tactics are useful for all Product/Value models. We will put together a list of best-bet tactics that will serve your interests and aid in producing a budget that makes sense for goals.

Make it happen.

This is where the rubber meets the road. Each tactic will be turned into an item on a to-do list that we can check off one at time and can be assessed on a time line. We can implement analytics for each tactic that will allow us to monitor effectiveness. We can even A/B test many of these tactics and see if we can tweak the results in your favor. This works especially well in high-traffic situations.

Analyze the results.

As we collect the results we can look to see which tactics seem to be providing the highest return on their investment. We can also modify the tactics that appear to be underproducing. After a round or two of analysis and modifications we’ll know just what investments are worth a reinvestment. That’s how scientific marketing is done!

Do it all again!

Research, test, modify, learn! Every effort we make gets us closer to a marketing model that can be repeated over and over for success. And that is precisely what you’re missing by not hiring a dedicated marketer on your staff. If you like this process, hire us now before we’re all booked up!

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