Helping you manage your marketing

…especially the technical stuff.

Yup! WordPress.

Design, hosting, updates, security, backups…everything!

Managing Your Site

You know, all of that tedious day-to-day up keep no one has time for.

Digital Marketing Strategy

We make a plan, we set up your analytics and analyse all that wonderful data.

Planning and Budgeting

We’ll help you find the best bang for your marketing buckā€”it’s all about ROI, folks.


Integrate your payment methods and manage your sales right from your site.

Complex Forms

From applications to recurring donations, forms are the reason websites still exist.


Is your website out-of-date?

Your website is by far the most powerful tool in your digital marketing toolbox. It’s true that people use the web differently than they did 10 years ago. Social media has changed how people discover you, but it is not the center of your offerings. The substance of your business, the opportunities to create a meaningful online presence and your ability to collect information from leads, it all happens on your up-to-date, well-utilized website. If you’re not reaching people with your website, I guarantee your competitors are.

Professional Consulting and Coaching

Is your website slow? Should you try a pay-per-click campaign? Is it time for a rebrand, or just a site redesign? Are you looking at your analytics? Pay-per-click, local 3-Pack, big rock content, brand guide, video marketing…where should you get started?

It all begins with a plan, based on your product and your business objectives. Jsring Studio is here to help you sort through the clutter and make that plan.

Before you start chasing the latest marketing craze, it’s important to understand how to calculate your return on investment. Return doesn’t have to be limited to cash transactions but it doesn’t count if it isn’t measurable. Campaigns of the past that only bring exposure can be cute, but in the information age, it is information that has value. Measure everything!

No more guesswork!